War Troll Mercenary


An armor-clad troll with a huge, jagged great sword, Blarg stands 9 feet tall and weighs roughly 500 lbs. Judging by the scratches and gashes in his armor, it seems he has experienced his fair share of battle. He was perhaps enlisted in an army at one point, but now appears to be wandering, willing to lend his great sword to the highest bidder. Blarg also carries a huge black bow and 6-foot-long arrows equipped with grisly arrow heads.

Although Blarg speaks common very poorly, he has little trouble expressing his desire for shiny objects and eating.


Session 1:
Blarg approached the party’s camp near dawn, dragging the carcass of a deer in one hand and his great sword in the other. More interested in the fire and his new kill than the party, Blarg was apparently on the fence about whether he should kill and eat the group. Using diplomacy and coin, the party hired Blarg as one of their own. As an experienced mercenary, Blarg asked to know the name of the group for which he was now fighting. The response was, “Blarg’s Gang.”

At that point, the adventuring party became known as Blarg’s Gang.

Session 2:
Blarg defended against the guards with the rest of the party, narrowly escaping with their lives. After the battle, he thoroughly gorged on human remains as his gang negotiated with the dragonborn paladin.

After an agreement could not be met with the paladin, Blarg was asked by Ruz to murder the dragonborn, which he did, gruesomely, pushing his claws through the paladin’s eyes while he was still alive and severing his jaw from his skull.


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