Brontus Beefbelly

One-armed Dwarf


Brontus Beefbelly is a boisterous fellow who loves ale and combat. Though Brontus has only one arm and walks with a limp, he is a stout fighter. Brontus sports several scars throughout his body which makes one suspect he was in a severe accident or has had a rough life.


Session 1:
Brontus was thrown in prison after an altercation at the Lucky Gnome Taphouse in Fallcrest. After all prisoners were sentenced to execution at day break, Brontus escaped with the party, effectively joining the group.

Session 2:
As Fallcrest guards descended on the camp, Brontus was missing, along with the wizard Redgar, a slit cut through the back of their tent. It is thought that the two lovers sneaked away during the night, but it remains a mysterious.

Brontus Beefbelly

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