Rat-Man Sellsword


Standing almost 5 feet tall, Garrell is a stealthy little Rat-Man who seems to know his way around Fallcrest and its surrounding areas. His clothing and fur is quite filthy, suggesting he’s accustomed to skulking around some of the dirtier places of the city.


Session 1:
Garrell escaped from prison with the party, guiding them through the prison (it apparently wasn’t his first time there) and forcing his way into the row boat. The party currently has an arrangement to pay Garrell 150g per day to act as a guide.

Garrell barely engages in battle. He seems happy to let the party do the work while he decides if and when it’s time to flee.

Session 2:
Garrell was one of the biggest proponents for executing the dragonborn paladin prisoner. He stated that the paladin was an idealistic, irrational fanatic and saw only one side of the picture.


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