Paladin of Bahamut

A Mysterious Armor-Clad Warrior of Justice


A well-armored Paladin of Bahamut, this massive warrior of dedicates his life to The Platinum Dragon and the pursuit of Good and Justice.


Session 2:
Traveling through the Nentir Valley, the Paladin of Bahamut was arrested by the Fallcrest guards on alert for any outsiders traveling through the lands. As an supporter of justice, the Paladin of Bahamut allowed himself to be shackled and chained. He believed he would be rightfully found innocent and justice would be served.

Dragons the paladin in chains behind them, the group of guards, lead by the tracker Jasper Thero, tracked Blarg’s Gang to their camp. After being ambushed, all the guards were slain.

Blarg’s Gang offered the paladin a chance to help them, but he refused to help a party in league with a troll. The gang argued that Fallcrest’s system of justice is corrupt. Although the gang explained they are acting in desperation rather than evil, the Paladin of Bahamut threatened to track them down again if they freed him. He said he would only help them if they parted with the troll, who, during the conversation, was consuming the bodies of dead humans.

The party opted to stick with Blarg and had the troll brutally execute the Paladin of Bahamut. The Minotaur Barbarian, Tito, looted every item he could off the dragonborn.

Paladin of Bahamut

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