A knight clad in dark armor


Wearing dark golden armor, Thorn stands about 6 foot and carries a large two handed great sword. He introduces himself as a knight and appears to be an authority figure, as the guards of Fallcrest were unsure whether to listen to him or Warden Oran


Day 1:
Thorn was in the front office of the prison as the party attempted to escape. Ruz, in the form of Warden Oran, ordered all the guards to vacate the office. Thorn ordered them to do the opposite, staging a stand off between the two leaders.

Thorn’s red dragon whelp curled around his leg as the party opened up combat with him, slaying the guards, the whelp, and Thorn after a long battle.

On Thorn’s body, the party found a scroll written in a dark language and a metal cruel engraved with a face in anguish.


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