Day 2
Blarg's Gang executes their prisoner, acquires an ally

Torch lights in the distance, Blarg’s Gang awoke to find themselves tracked by Fallcrest Guards, lead by the wolf-trainer Jasper Thero.

As they prepared an ambush to greet their enemies, it was discovered that Regdar and Brontus had disappeared, a slit cut through their tent.

Narrowly victorious against the guards, the gang disabled and questioned a Dragonborn Paladin, who was executed after refusing to aid a party in league with a troll, much to the pleasure of Garrell.

Focused on solving the problems plaguing the Nentir Vale, Blarg’s Gang moved deeper into the Cloak Wood in hopes of finding an “oracle” of which Garrell has spoken.

Sounds of battle pierced the forest and the gang stumbled upon an orc family in combat with a necromancer and his undead minions. The party slayed the necromancer, who identified himself as Franklin, and found a scroll on his body written in the same dark language as the one that was found on Thorn in Fallcrest prison.

A necklace with a pendant shaped like a red sparking eye was also found on the necromancer, granting +1 to perception and perhaps possessing even more unknown magical properties to its wearer.

A hooded figure watching the battle was asked to join the group, as any aid in this hostile territory was welcome, trustworthy or not.

The group enters the heart of the Cloak Wood to locate an oracle who may have the answers they seek. But at what cost?

Day 1
Our heroes escape from prison, acquire their identity

The small communities on the outskirts of Fallcrest have begun to disappear: whole families missing, farmsteads burnt to the ground, and the local populous is on edge. In the midst of summer, temperature has dropped dramatically. Heavy thunderstorms and snow flurries threaten the year’s harvest. Unrest and rumors have overtaken the people as they huddle behind the walls of Fallcrest, dependent on their small militia to defeat whatever foe is endangering their future.

As a response to this unknown threat, the local government deemed it necessary to apprehend any suspicious outsiders they found on the outskirts of Fallcrest. As our heroes traveled through the Nentir Vale, they were arrested separately, on the same night, by very large groups of guards.

Each cell simply provisioned a bucket in place of bathroom, the prison smelled of waste and mildew. No light was provided except that of the lightning storm raging outside the thin window slits.

When told they would be executed in the morning to make way for new prisoners, Regdar, human wizard, used his spells to pull the keys from the prison guard’s hand.

As the guard ran for help, the goalith barbarian, Content Not Found: irl, grabbed the guard through the prison cell and killed the guard with his own sword.

Aided by the changeling Ruz, the party used their talents to escape the prison, slaying many guards, executing prison Warden Oran, and killing a knight named Thorn. The party freed several other prisoners during the escape.

Once across the Nentir river, the party began to see torches light on the opposite bank, no doubt those of pursuing guards.

The party hired a fellow inmate, a Rat-Man named Garrell, to guide them through the unknown wilderness to safety. The group moved quickly through the hills, traveling for three hours, and camped on the edge of The Cloak Wood.

When approached by a mercenary troll named Blarg, dragging a jagged great sword and the carcass of a deer in the dead of night, the party used diplomacy and coin to hire the sellsword as their ally. When the troll asked what the group was to be named, Ash, Bullywug Thief, responded with, “Blarg’s Gang.” The group of heroes then became officially known as Blarg’s Gang.


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